Business and Corporate

Enhancing your bottom line through liability reduction, corporate structuring, and compliance solutions.

Business owners and leaders lead lives of increasing complexity. They must navigate through a constantly changing and increasingly complicated regulatory environment, and simultaneously identify and defuse potential liabilities before they degrade into lawsuits or investigations. They must develop plans for growth that take account of local, national, and international markets, and they must structure relationships and business entities that can accomplish their goals in the most effective manner. And, in the midst of all that, of course, they must also run a business.  

Lavin Puig offers corporate legal services designed around each client’s unique business needs. Our goal is to develop policies, procedures, and agreements that enable our clients to devote less time to compliance, monitoring, and damage control, and more time to delivering a superior product or service. If you are starting a new business venture, Lavin Puig will assist you in preparing, amongst other things, your organizational documents, operating instruments, investor agreements, form contracts/business agreements, joint venture agreements, financial instruments, and regulatory filings. We also offer both newly-established and mature businesses asset protection strategies that substantially limit liability and risk from both business debt and personal debt.  In addition, Lavin Puig drafts and reviews contracts, leases, and transactional documents of every type with the aim of providing our clients with maximum protection and a complete understanding of the agreements’ terms. And, whether before or after you’ve begun the hiring process, Lavin Puig will develop and implement an employment law strategy that will allow you to accomplish your business’ aims while minimizing the risk of debilitating liabilities or disruptive regulatory interference.

Business Formation

Lavin Puig provides high quality legal services to entrepreneurs, emerging companies (including start-ups), established businesses, and international businesses expanding into the United States. Starting with a thorough consultation in order to understand your unique business needs, Lavin Puig will be your full-service law firm:

  • incorporating and organizing your new business;

  • drafting stockholder, partnership, and operating agreements;

  • implementing asset protection strategies;

  • creating corporate governance principles and best practices for your business;

  • preparing non-compete, non-solicitation, and confidentiality agreements for key personnel;

  • identifying and introducing financing sources;

  • negotiating and documenting financing;

  • negotiating joint ventures, licensing arrangements, and other strategic alliances;

  • assisting with investor presentations;

  • preparing form contracts and business agreements; and,

  • preparing employee agreements.


Joint-Venture Agreements

Joint ventures (JVs) can be lucrative business relationships, but they also come with many possible downsides and pitfalls. Lavin Puig has the experience to foresee the issues that may arise and how to deal with them in such a close relationship as a joint venture. We draft joint venture agreements with a focus on your right to keep your trade secrets and other sensitive information from being disclosed to your venture partners, on ensuring that the fiduciary duties involved are clearly explained and understood by all the parties involved, and on limiting your liability for the acts of your venture partners. Lavin Puig can also help you understand the rights and duties of the parties involved in formal or informal joint ventures that have already commenced. Finally, if something has already gone wrong with a joint venture you are engaged in, then we can step in to solve the dispute or, at least, ensure that your assets are protected to the fullest as any claims are litigated.


Asset Protection Strategies

Business owners can protect their personal assets from their business’ creditors by forming limited liability entities and maintaining corporate formalities, but the business assets may still be vulnerable. This means that your business could be one judgment away from financial ruin. Lavin Puig can help your business substantially limit liability for both business debts and personal debts by enacting multiple entity asset protection strategies, which may include structuring your business around a holding-company-operating-company model, and/or enacting intercompany leasing systems. Lavin Puig can also perform more complicated asset protection strategies, such as spin-offs, split-offs, and split-ups.


Contract Negotiation and Drafting

In every business relationship or transaction, the contract is the single most important document, as it defines the rights and obligations of the parties. Even the slightest change to the wording of a contract can be the difference between a successful, profitable transaction and one that results in wasteful litigation or, worse, financial ruin. It is therefore incumbent on business owners to protect themselves by having their contracts skillfully drafted and reviewed. At Lavin Puig, we strive to work with clients to ensure that they enter contracts with maximum protection and a complete understanding of the agreements’ terms. Our main focus is to prevent future disputes and litigation by using clear language and eschewing terms that create ambiguities and loopholes. We also study the client’s particular industry space, which enables us to anticipate—and protect our clients from—the likely areas of potential disputes.

Our experienced business lawyers offer skillful contract drafting for every type of contractual matter:

  • Sale or purchase of goods

  • Merger and acquisition agreements, including preparing letters of intent, deal documentation, and closing materials

  • Non-disclosure & Non-circumvention Agreements (NCNDAs)

  • Provision of services

  • Confidentiality agreements

  • Vendor and/or supplier contracts

  • Commercial leasing agreements, including single, double, or triple net leases

  • Government contracts

  • Service contracts

  • Mortgage and commercial borrowing

  • Technology licensing agreements

  • Franchise agreements

  • Employee agreements



In the last few years, laws regulating employment have increased in number and scope. This leaves employers facing an increasingly treacherous legal environment.  The laws are broad, intricate, and, in some cases, open to competing interpretations. There has also been a drastic increase in the number of employment-related lawsuits being filed against businesses, resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in civil judgments. Employment-based lawsuits go beyond hitting a firm’s bottom-line: they also tarnish hard-earned reputations, harm the firm’s brand and goodwill, and distract employees. According to one study, almost 75% of all litigation against corporations today involves employment disputes. These developments lead to one conclusion: compliance with employment law is an integral and pervasive aspect of today’s business environment, and employers ignore it at their own peril.

The experience of Lavin Puig’s attorney in employment law matters and Lavin Puig’s streamlined, agile operating structure enable its attorneys to quickly respond to any employment-related crises, uncover latent or hidden legal issues, and to enact innovative employment policies and procedures that prevent future exposure to legal liability. Lavin Puig advises, counsels, and trains clients on all aspects of labor and employment law, including:

  • Federal and state procurement regulations that affect the workplace

  • Compliance with federal and state wage and hour laws

  • Compliance with workplace safety laws and regulations

  • Employee handbooks and personnel policies

  • Non-competition, non-solicitation agreements, confidentiality, and invention agreements

  • Management training on preventing harassment, avoiding hostile workplaces, handling Equal Employment Opportunity cases, dealing with problem employees, and conducting performance reviews

  • Employment agreements, executive compensation, and stock options

  • Employee discipline, terminations, severance agreements, and reductions in force

  • Establishment and maintenance of internal dispute resolution mechanisms


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