Bringing Stability to Your Workforce and Employee Relations

Every international company, local start-up business, and foreign government agency that wants or needs to operate on U.S. soil has one thing in common: they will need to employ people on the ground to carry out their objectives here. Whether you run a business enterprise or carry out a consular mission, Lavin Puig can guide you through the complicated processes of hiring and employing a workforce in the United States.

Lavin Puig provides a complete spectrum of legal advice and services to employers in the United States. We guide existing and prospective employers through the process of creating and following hiring procedures that comply with the many federal and state laws that govern the hiring of U.S. employees. We explore each employer’s unique and important criteria for accomplishing their organizational goals and then draft thorough and enforceable employment contracts that protect those employers from the risks of destructive lawsuits or regulatory enforcement actions.

Lavin Puig also helps current employers to draft and establish internal policies and procedures to ensure that their employees comply with U.S. laws governing overtime pay, employee disabilities, sexual harassment, and other workplace issues. And, once those policies and procedures have been created, Lavin Puig can even provide multi-lingual training sessions to educate employees and ensure careful adherence to all newly enacted workplace policies.


Terminating an employee is always difficult, and the process is often fraught with emotion on all sides. Angry lawsuits and other spiteful action by former employees can make an already bad situation much, much worse. Along with drafting strong and protective contracts to protect employers, Lavin Puig helps protect employers by working with their human resources team to develop legally sound liability minimization procedures to govern the employee discipline and termination process. Human resources personnel will be trained to follow the requirements of U.S. and state laws that prohibit employers from disciplining or terminating employees for impermissible or discriminatory reasons.

The goal of every employer that Lavin Puig represents is to spend their time achieving their business or diplomatic objectives, and not wasting their energy and resources putting out fires relating to individual employees or their misconduct. Our methodology of implementing a framework of strong legal and procedural protections at every step of the employment process allows our clients to minimize the risk of a problem ever developing. They can then focus on achieving their objectives without fear that undiscovered misconduct or subsequent regulatory scrutiny will undermine their operations from within.

Foreign Government Consulates and Agencies with Employees in the United States

Lavin Puig specializes in helping foreign governments and their officials to develop employment solutions that comport with the laws of both their home country and the United States. Because the laws governing the hiring and termination of employees is often very different in foreign countries, it is extremely important that embassies, consulates, and foreign agencies develop processes and policies to guide their leadership and their human resources staff. Lavin Puig will work hand in hand with those agencies to ensure that the reputations of their mission and their home nations are not tarnished by bad publicity or unfortunate incidents that detract from healthy international relations and effective diplomatic endeavors.