Mexico and Latin America

Accessing southern markets and guiding Latin American businesses entering the U.S.

Every business wants to increase its access to untapped markets and reach out to new customers and suppliers. Globalization has led to an increasingly interconnected marketplace for our clients’ products and services, but identifying and accessing new markets in foreign countries is not a simple process. The path to commercial success in foreign markets is fraught with practical, procedural, and legal obstacles. Lavin Puig will be there every step of the way to guide your business around the potential pitfalls and towards the benefits of expansion into new markets.

Practical Perspective:

The digital age has changed a lot of things, but it hasn’t changed everything. While email, Skype, and Google Hangouts may have revolutionized the way business is done, they have not replaced the handshake, and that fact is particularly true in emerging markets such as Latin America and Mexico. For any business looking to expand abroad, the first step to take is to develop personal commercial connections in the target market. Lavin Puig utilizes a network of personal and professional contacts in a variety of emerging markets in order to connect your business with the right people to accomplish your business expansion goals. We believe that shaking the right hand is the first step on the road to new business opportunities.

Procedural Guidance:

Sometimes, how you go about obtaining a result can be every bit as important as what that result actually is. Whether you are an American or European business looking to expand into Mexico, Latin America, or Eastern Europe, or you are a Latin American business looking to create a U.S. affiliate, you will need to learn a new set of business rules, some of which are written and some of which are not. The formal and informal processes for seeking out new business, registering and complying with local legal regimes, and establishing corporate practices that comport with both foreign and domestic requirements can be daunting to navigate. Lavin Puig and its network of colleagues in foreign markets will guide and assist you in developing business practices that are compatible with both your existing operations and your operations in your new market space abroad.

Legal Protection:

Although it is important to develop new personal contacts and appropriate business practices and procedures for your new market, above all else you and your business must always be sure to adhere to relevant U.S. laws that specify serious civil and criminal penalties for corrupt business practices in foreign nations. The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and other federal laws set out the rules applicable to businesses with a U.S. presence, whether they are foreign businesses entering the U.S. market or U.S. businesses expanding abroad. Lavin Puig will guide you through the process of developing contracts and other business documents that protect you from potential liability under these laws. We will help you adopt policies and procedures to guide your foreign employees and agents, and design audit procedures when necessary to ensure compliance.