Real Estate and Construction

Building a strong foundation for real estate investment and development projects

Lavin Puig has extensive experience working with developers, contractors, and investors regarding construction and real estate projects. We can help your business make the most out of a land or development opportunity whether you are the developer, the prime contractor, a subcontractor, or an investor. Our approach is designed to solve problems before they arise and to protect your budget and schedule. From comprehensive contracts for employees and subcontractors, to LLC structures designed to protect investors and their assets from liability, to regulatory compliance and filings, Lavin Puig provides you with the tools you need to achieve your project goals.

Services that we can provide to you in this area include:

• Contracts and Negotiations
• Employment Law Compliance
• Worker’s Compensation and Safety Contingency Plan Development
• Asset Recovery
• Dispute Resolution and Litigation
• Real Estate Sales and Purchasing
• Joint Ventures for Construction or Development
• Condominium Conversions
• Real Property Tax Evaluation and Reduction
• Government Contracting
• Minority Certification
• Corporate Structuring and Re-structuring